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Today, Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and the center of the Helsinki Region, a functional urban region of about 1.4 million inhabitants and 751,000 jobs. Population of Helsinki is becoming more and more international every year. Over ten percent of the population speaks as a mother tongue other language than Finnish or Swedish. Helsinki is Finland's major political, educational, financial, cultural, and research center as well as one of northern Europe's major cities. Approximately 75% of foreign companies operating in Finland have settled in the Helsinki region.

The University of Helsinki is one of world’s leading multidisciplinary universities specializing the area of research. The University is internationally renowned for its high quality teaching, research, and innovation. International rankings consistently place the University of Helsinki amongst the 20 best universities in Europe. The main strength of the University of Helsinki is considered to be scientific research and the teaching which is derived from it, as we believe that teaching is closely linked to research.

The University of the Arts Helsinki fosters our artistic heritage and renews art. This new university was launched in 2013 upon the merging of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The university now comprises the three academies, which are equal in terms of educational content and cultural significance.

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization driving Europe’s digital transformation. As a Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT Digital is focused on entrepreneurship and is at the forefront of integrating education, research and business by bringing together students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs.

Arcada is a multi-professional university of applied sciences (UAS) with campus located in Arabianranta, Helsinki. We offer high quality practice-oriented higher education at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels as well as further education in Swedish and English within; Business Administration, Sports, Media, Culture, Social- and Health Care, Technology. Arcada co-operates closely with organizations and alumni in order to maintain up-to-date knowledge about the competencies demanded in the industries – now and in the future.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of culture, business, health care and social services, and technology. In our community people and worlds meet to create insight, expertise and well-being for both the world of work and life in general. Through cooperation we discover new ideas and solutions to build a better future.



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Bernard Garvey

Head of Demola Helsinki
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Mikko Rask

Demola Coordinator at University of Helsinki
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Leena Ripatti-Torniainen

Curriculum coordinator at University of Helsinki
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