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Arffman Consulting Oy

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The brief

Emma Math Game is about making numbers real and enabling learning math progressively through a mobile game. The visuals and brand are in good shape and in this project the team is going to render the characters to mobile / tablet game!

The background

Arffman Consulting is a company dedicated to training services on a national level, specialized in distant learning and e-learning pedagogy. Arffman has been empowering Emma Math, successfully training teachers and students to learn match in a fun novel way. What is Emma Math? Emma sells actual number pieces which are used to make counting easier. Number pieces have turned to Number Creatures in written stories where they live their own lives. There are twelve Number Creatures who help children to count by transforming into other numbers with their inner magic of math. The visual world has been created during the summer of 2017 for picture stories and the creatures with their world and sounds are ready to use for your purpose by autumn.

The problem

Emma Math has been successfully proved to teach children mathematics. But how can we take this initiative into the digital world so that it can be easily adopted by many? That’s where you come in. The project target is to create a demo of a 3D math adventure mobile game which develops early algebraic thinking by using 4 languages of math for children 6-8 years old. The game should work with mobile phones and tablets. It is possible to add levels and complexity later for the game and which could expand the group of users. The game should work with numbers 0-10 and it should proceed with 4 languages that are used in Emma method of learning in this order: 1. language of action: interaction between game mechanics and the gamer, 2. pattern language: combining and dividing number pieces (patterns of numbers, should look like actual material pieces), 3. symbol language: combining number pieces and patterns with symbols used in mathematics, 4. natural language: is it possible to use natural language in the game as an interactive audio or some other way? It would also be essential to have concepts of addition, subtraction and equality in use in the game created. In the project team, at least following skills are needed: - Education / pedagogic - Gaming - Mobile / tablet software development