Visualising the Future Electricity Market



Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • environment
  • governance
  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

Are you interested in designing the looks for the future electricity market? Electricity is a necessity in everyday life, but sometimes it is a bit hard to understand how and where electricity is produced or consumed. This project aims at exploring and designing new ways of making electricity markets easier to understand, both to household consumers and industry professionals. The goal for this project is to develop new ways to visualize the real-time state of the Finnish power system and the status of the Nordic electricity markets. Fingrid currently publishes information about the power system and electricity markets on our website, and this project has a good chance to shape the future of these services. How could we make the Finnish power system more approachable and easier to understand for normal consumers? What kind of view of the Nordic electricity market is needed in trading? If Starship Enterprise had a dashboard for the real-time status of the power system, what would it look like?

The background

Fingrid is responsible for the Finnish power system, the most important infrastructure of our society. We ensure that the lights stay on by maintaining the balance between production and consumption - every second. The transition into renewable, intermittent electricity production will mean massive changes not only to the power system and to the electricity markets but also for household consumers. A fundamental requirement of competitive and efficient electricity markets and smooth transition to low-carbon energy world is access to reliable data and performance metrics. This project is located right at the center of the transformation of the energy market: there is plenty of data available, and excellent potential for developing new ways of visualizing it, or developing new services on top of it. Fingrid is one of the world’s leading transmission system operators. We employ 300 skilled and motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds, and offer summer jobs and trainee positions for students. The company’s operating environment is versatile, and in addition to students engaged in electricity or energy, there are opportunities for students e.g. in areas such as environment, information technology, economics, and administration. Fingrid has participated to the Great Place to Work survey and in 2016 we came 10th in the medium-sized company series. In 2015, Fingrid won the 1st place in the Responsible Summer Job competition.

The problem

This project offers excellent opportunity to learn how the electricity system and electricity market operate, and to develop new services for real customer needs. If you like to experiment with data to find the best visualizations for it, and you are interested in developing online services and dashboards with open data, then this is the project for you. You can choose the tools and programming languages that you will use in this project.