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Modern World Tree Hugging



Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • engineering
  • environment
  • governance
  • healthcare
  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

The world is changing, and we need a new kind of citizen to help us adapt. How can we build a community of individuals who want to create change and live in a sustainable way in an urban environment?

The background

What is the community of the future made of? Could it be based around topics like resource sharing, recycling, or something else which is not “on the table” yet?. Many people are interested in living a more sustainable life, but lack the time, knowledge or resources to participate effectively in a circular economy. We – the citizens, cities, companies and research organisations – in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will drive the change towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. SITRA is your fund for the future. We are proud of half a century of successful co-operation already. Our aim is a Finland that succeeds as a pioneer in sustainable well-being. Come and join us!

The problem

In order to generate cultural change towards sustainable lifestyle, it is critical to make it easily accessible and lower the threshold to join the movement. What format should the community exist in? (virtual/digital, real world interactions, or a mix of both) How can we motivate and support citizens to create their own communities aimed at efficient living? How can a community be inclusive and provide value to its members from many walks of life, including those who normally wouldn’t engage in these kind of communities? What is the core value for people deciding to live a more sustainable life and what kind of a role do other stakeholders play in the equation?