Redefining Community Media


Aller Media

Project Skills

  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • environment
  • governance
  • healthcare
  • media & communications
  • social science

Project Blog

The brief

What does the future of community media look like? How can platform providers create a valuable forum for discussion with a business model that provides value for its core customers? How can the data created by the platform be used to create valuable data and insights for interested parties?

The background

The project partner is the Aller, which owns and operates a wide variety of media platforms, including Suomi24, Finland's largest community media.

The problem

The project is looking for new ways to build and maintain a community media. The aim is to create the conditions for a civil dialogue and sustainable ways to maintain a network of media companies and organizations. Community media either has to survive based on a business logic, or it has to be cost-effective enough. Can community media survive be the economic foundation other than advertising? Or, if the media is an advertising financed platform, can we make it smarter and more able to deliver value to users? Could forums be organized in a way that would be directly linked to the users and topics of discussion without being disruptive to users? Community service is to be maintained, updated and moderated. What kind of roles could volunteers play, for example, as moderators or discussion leaders? How can the sustainable platform be used to create impact for interested third-parties such as doctors, politicians, etc?